“Through my music, I hope to answer what people’s spirits have been yearning for… peace, clarity, awareness, love, joy, freedom, and strength.”

— Em

Em is a native New Jersey singer songwriter whose musical quest began with childhood inspiration. Iconic retropop influences, a poetic soul, and a powerful voice of impressive range — with these she weaves intense memories of her emotional past into every lyric and melody. Starting at age 12, her talents granted her the opportunity to work with Andy DiTaranto of Disney fame, Paul Atkinson, and Tony Papa, GRAMMY Award Winning engineer with more than 20 Gold and Platinum albums to his credit. In 2017 she began recording with GRAMMY award winning producer Jim Cravero at East Coast Recording Studio, drawing on a lifetime of artistic experience.


“I've known Em since she was 12 years old. She always was a great singer and a great artist. She's an incredible talent and it's been a pleasure watching her evolve into the artist she is today.”

— Tony Papa, GRAMMY winning Audio Engineer


Em attended her first concert: Britney Spears. Accompanied by her grandparents, Em was only four years old, but that night, she was transfixed by the stage prowess, and she realized her destiny was to become a performer. From that moment on, Em remained committed to being an entertainer. It wasn’t long before her talent got the attention of famed record producer Andy DiTaranto. At age 12, Em began her six year collaboration with Andy.

In 2009 Em found herself standing behind the glass of Westlake Recording Studios’ venerated Studio C, where generations of musical superstars had come to record. There she had the chance to sing into the same microphone that had recorded Britney Spears, the artist who had inspired her to perform.




Photo by Kelly Lentz

Andy DiTaranto’s passing in 2014 sent Em into emotional retreat, but she never gave up on her musical aspirations. In her teen years, Em cultivated her writing talents and explored a diverse array of genres. She discovered Alanis Morissette, Stevie Wonder, Pink, Billy Joel, and a host of others whose genius would inspire Em to find her own voice. She worked on an album with producer David Tannenbaum and found her writing voice again. She met songwriter/producer Francesco Ariel Coco and grew even more as an artist. 


“It’s amazing when you’ve found your voice and sound… the stage is my natural habitat.”

— Em


With confidence, experience, and talent in abundance, Em is in full stride on the path to musical stardom. Her songs were played on air at WSTW Delaware. She performed at World Cafe Live’s Love Fest and was featured in their Philly Rising series. In 2017 and 2018 Em was selected to perform at the Durango Songwriters Expo.